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Funny Homograph Riddles

by Marvin Terban.

4. The female deer run while the park ranger performs tricks.

3. The nurse wrapped the bandage around the injury.

There are a lot of very tricky words in English that are spelled the same but don't sound the same. They're call homographs. Here are some riddles for you to have fun with. The answers to the riddles will have a pair of words that sound different but are spelled alike.


1. The dove dove.

2. Lead me to the lead.

3. The nurse wound the bandage around the wound.

4. The does run while the park ranger does tricks.

5. The sow will  sow seeds.

Here's the challenge: Change the words in boldface in the sentences below into homographs.

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5. The mother pig will scatter seeds.

2.  Guide me to the heavy metal.  



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1.  The bird of peace  plunged into the water.