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My new grandson. Isn't he adorable?

My, what big glasses you have, my dear granddaughter!

Where does my wife's hair end and my granddaughter's begin?

With my granddaughter. She's the apple of my eye. (That's an idiom.)

These are our cats when they were kittens. That's Peaches on the left and Tiger on the right.

A scene from one of my Parts of Speech videos. You can watch one on the VIDEO page on the


Showing off  my happy smile

(and my new teeth!).

Standing on the Equator in Ecuador. I have one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern!

At the Pyramids in Egypt. Look at that hat!

I love making "Meet the Author" visits to schools.

At the Great Wall of China without a hat.

Acting in a movie.

The scene was cut, but I still had fun.

Dancing in a hula skirt in a show to raise money for charity. I wasn't embarrassed. It was for a good cause.

With my family at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

I was the youngest Santa Claus ever at

Macy's in New York!

First Grade: I still have that bow tie!

At age 5 : The boxing  gloves weighed more than I did!

My high school graduation picture. Where did all that hair go?

My first day as a teacher, 1963.  That's me in the corner!

Age 4: Here I am in my soldier suit. I even knew how to salute! (That rhymes!)

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